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Role of Offices

Role of Offices

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The Scripture holds out deacons as distinct officers in the Church. Deacons are called to be assistants to the Ministers of Word and Sacrament (Acts 6:1-6) just as the Levites were assistants to the priests; and also to act as assistants to the ruling elders, operating under their oversight and authority. Deacons can be gifted and used in a wide variety of ways in the life of the Church. Deacons serve in ways authorized by the elders, freeing the elders to focus on their more specialized tasks. Primarily, it belongs to the office of deacon,

  • To take special care in mercy ministries and in meeting the needs of the poor, the immigrant, the prisoner, the fatherless, and the widow, first within the household of God, and second, in the world;
  • To befriend the friendless, and care for those in distress, in times of illness, bereavement, or other adversity, after the example of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • To disburse funds from the Church treasury on behalf of the session;
  • To encourage the rest of the Church’s membership to excel in hospitality and benevolence, ministering to one another and to those outside the Church in deed as well as word;
  • To assist in the distribution of the Lord’s Supper and the collection of tithes and offerings;
  • To assist in the Church’s liturgical feasts and fellowship meals;
  • To make recommendations to the session about budget and property, as stewards of the Church’s resources and assistants to the elders;
  • To care for and maintain the property of the Church.