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Role of Offices

Role of Offices

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The pastor (Minister of the Word) is an ordinary and perpetual officer in the Church (Eph. 4: 11; 1 Tim. 3:1-7; Tit. 1:5- 9). The pastorate is especially the new covenant counterpart to the old covenant priesthood, even as each local congregation is a miniature fulfillment of the typology of the old covenant temple. The pastor is the primary servant-priest among and towards the royal priesthood of the whole congregation, with the goal of presenting the people in Christ as an acceptable offering to the Father, sanctified by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 15:16). It especially belongs to the pastoral office,

  • To pray for and with his flock, as the mouth of the people unto God; to pray publicly for the people, especially in gathered worship; to pray privately for and with the people, especially for the sick; and to pray for the lost;
  • To oversee the planning and leading of the Lord’s Day liturgy, as the priests of the Old Covenant led the people in worship at the tabernacle and temple;
  • To read, preach, and teach the Scriptures publicly, as the mouth of God to people, even as the priests in the Jewish Church were trusted with the public reading and exposition of the Word;
  • To study the Scriptures diligently, in order to feed the flock divine truth, as he preaches, teaches, convinces, reproves, exhorts, and comforts from the Word;
  • To train the people to live as a royal priesthood, offering Spiritual sacrifices in all of life, and especially in gathered worship;
  • To administer the Sacraments publicly and privately in emergency situations, as the priests under the Law administered the sacrifices;
  • To declare absolution to the Lord’s repentant people, both publicly in gathered worship, and privately, after they have confessed their sins;
  • To bless the people from God, declaring a benediction, as the priests did under the Old Covenant;
  • To encourage husbands and fathers to be faithful in loving their wives as Christ loves the Church and in raising their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord; to encourage wives and mothers to be diligent and faithful by caring for their families with joy and contentment; to encourage singles to pursue purity and service in accord with their vocations; and to encourage children to grow towards maturity in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • To take care of the poor, in conjunction with the other officers;
  • To represent the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, in lovingly caring for and disciplining the flock in conjunction with the other elders;
  • To lead the session as moderator and overseer;To represent the local congregation as a permanent delegate to all higher assemblies of the Church.