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Aslan Knows Best

cs-lewisIn a letter to a young boy named Laurence, C.S. Lewis wrote: “Well, I can’t say that I have had a happy Easter, for I have lately got married and my wife is very, very ill.  I am sure Aslan knows best and whether He leaves her with me or takes her to His own country, He will do what is right.  But of course it makes me very sad.  I am sure you and your mother will pray for us” (Letters to Children, 69, Touchstone).

Morning Prayer

“Send me, O Lord, into the tasks of this day with a rejoicing heart.  Teach me to labor diligently, to eat and drink to Your glory, and to think and plan to the ends You have laid out before me.  That I may be truly fitted for the day, remind me again of the mighty work of my Savior, Jesus Christ, who redeemed me and in whom my sin is forgiven and my place with You forever assured.  Impress upon my heart this day that while there is nothing holy about my life, my speech or my faith without Your grace and mercy surrounding me, that with You I can faithfully help my neighbor and be of service to him.  Teach me to look upon my life today as yet another opportunity to serve my fellowmen.  Let me see in the routine of my daily tasks, in the need of my family and those who depend on me, in the want and struggle of the world about me, the good work You have prepared in advance for me to do.  Grant that I be ready to forgive, earnest in rejoicing with those who are happy, quick in sympathy, and zealous in bearing the burdens of my fellowman, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.” – Lutheran Book of Prayer