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Grace before Dawn

Wife and baby
Peacefully sleeping.
Pictures of blessing;
Mercies incarnate.

Lent in Spring

In the quiet of Holy Saturday, I want to take a moment to reflect on the Lenten Season.  From time to time I’ve thought that Lent might be more “effective” if it took place in the dreary days of winter.  Somehow that would seem more appropriate, wouldn’t it?  (Of course, I’m speaking as a resident in the Northern Hemisphere, which can’t be helped.)  When creation in Middle Tennessee is waking up for spring; when the grass and trees are coming into their first brilliant greens of the year; when flowers are blooming and trees blossoming, it’s a greater challenge to meditate upon the suffering of Christ and the gravity of sin.  Now, I know that Lent is more than that, but for the sake of discussion let’s be agreed that it’s at least that.  Yet, upon further reflection, nature’s testimony of life couldn’t be more fitting.  Lent wasn’t devised for the sake of itself, nor is it the end.  After Lent comes Easter.  After humiliation comes exaltation.  After death comes resurrection.  God’s creation knows that, and is simply pushing us ahead to the next chapter of the story, telling us that sin and death don’t have the last word.  The cross inevitably leads to the empty tomb.  Here in Tennessee, nature just can’t keep that truth quiet before Resurrection Sunday arrives.  And I’m glad it can’t.