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Psalm 119

Morning prayers of late have been in Psalm 119.  I’ve been newly impressed with the primacy of God’s word; that it is light and life; that it is to be meditation of our hearts; and the source of wisdom and guidance.  Having grown up in the Reformed tradition, attended Reformed schools and churches, and presently serving in a Reformed church, I’m deeply thankful for the primacy placed upon Scripture.  I’m thankful too for the fresh reminders; the reacquainting with long held beliefs; and the delicious irony of the Word testifying of itself. 

Now, off to John 1 for the upcoming Lord’s Day….


Have to share some funny moments…

Sunday morning Teeper (Emilio) woke up a bit on the grumpy side, so he came to visit me in my study.  As I was attempting to get him to cheer up, I told Teeper I wanted to see him smile.  He informed that his smiles were gone.  Naturally I asked, “Where are they?”  He replied, without missing a beat, “They are with the hippos in Africa.” 

This morning we were talking about an advent reading, and the subject matter had to do with Jesus saving us from our sins.  Attempting to get the boys to connect the dots on their own, I asked, “What has Jesus saved you from?”  Teeper’s response: “T-Rexes.”  A few moments later, still endeavoring to get the boys to understand what Jesus has done, Teeper informed us that we are protected from the bad guys because momma has a gun. 

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Grabbed a copy this morning and gave it a read.  Enjoyable.  Not for little kids, though.  “The Warlock’s Hairy Heart” makes an interesting point, and also reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe.  The subtle humor in the Dumbledore commentary is reminiscent of what made him such a beloved character in the HP books, as well as the wisdom he imparts. 

I’ll be interested to see what the overall impression of folks will be.  At various moments, I felt as though the story might be a bit “preachy,” something I didn’t sense with HP.  The stories are clever, and only time will tell if they are classic.