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Lessons from Young Boys

Until yesterday, I wasn’t aware that raisins go in bathtubs. 

New Morning, New Merices

This morning’s sunrise. 

(Unfortunately, the others that I took came out ‘fuzzy.’  Can’t seem to keep that digital camera steady.) 

Quotes from the Good Bishop

Regarding trials, and faith’s view of them:

“Nothing so helps us to bear patiently the trials of life as an abiding conviction of the perfect wisdom by which everything around us is managed.  Let us try to believe not only that all that happens to us is well done, but that it is done in the best manner, by the right instrument, and at the right time.” 

“If Christians were allowed to choose their own course through life, they would never learn hundreds of lessons about Christ and His grace, which they are now taught in God’s ways.”

– J.C. Ryle

Remember Your Baptism

Sounds like “Federal Vision Theology.”  Maybe so, but this is John Calvin: 

“But we must realize that at whatever time we are baptized,
we are once for all washed and purged for our whole life.  Therefore,
as often as we fall away, we ought to recall the memory of our baptism and
fortify our mind with it, that we may always be sure and confident of the
forgiveness of sins
For, though baptism, administered only once, seemed to have passed, it
was still not destroyed by subsequest sins. 
For Christ’s purity has been offered us in it; his purity ever
flourishes; it is defiled by no spots, but buries and cleanses away all our
from this fact we ought not to take leave to sin in the future, as this has
certainly not taught us to be so bold. 
Rather, this doctrine is only given to sinners who groan, wearied and
oppressed by their own sins, in order
that they may have something to lift them up and comfort them
, so as not to
plunge into confusion and despair” (Institutes, Book
IV, XV, 3, emphasis added).