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Women and Water

This morning we were reading from Genesis 29 when Jacob meets Rachel by the well.  I made a connection back to Rebekah being found for Isaac near water, and then mentioned Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman by a well of water.  Perhaps trying to make these bride and groom connections with a four and almost-three year old is a bit much, but I wanted to plant the seeds in the boys’ minds just the same.  Thinking it would be funny, I jokingly told the boys they should go search for wives at a swimming pool… then I realized that might not be such a good idea.  Toothily grinning at Deborah, I unsuccessfully attempted to hide behind my coffee mug. 

At Last! College Football!

It is a crisp morning.  The sun and breeze are in the leaves, and there’s that scent in the air that let’s you know the long awaited time has finally arrived. 

To further stir the emotions: